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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I want my MTV

M is for Martha and for Mark. In the final days before Martha heads to the big house, she is already showing us she will be back—and then some. MSO announced a deal with reality TV guru Mark Burnett.

The release is interesting in how it tries to walk a fine line between merchandising Mark Burnett and not mentioning reality TV whatsoever. As a result, the release is pretty disappointing. As exhibit 'A' I submit this quote someone at MSO wrote for Burnett:

"Martha and MSO are pioneers in high-quality 'how-to' television, and I can't wait to collaborate with them to develop the next generation of programming rooted in what they do so well," Mr. Burnett said. "We will explore new ways to communicate that unique combination of teaching, usefulness, quality, style, and impeccable good taste that millions of viewers have enjoyed for over a decade. I look forward to a very productive relationship, starting with 2005."

Zzzzzz...oh, you're done reading the quote. Sorry, must have dozed off. I have to believe that Burnett is capable of a heck of a lot more than Trading Spaces, a la Martha Stewart Style. So I suspect we're looking at something less Trading Spaces and more Apprentice. Martha won't sweat through the episode, that much I am willing to bet.

Regardless, it is a good move. Burnett could be seen as a loose cannon by MSO, but his brand is hot and making money.